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SEO complete package: $995.00*

*Special price valid until 06.10.2017

Search Engine Optimization
with Top 10 guarantee: $995.00

No subscription fees, no additional costs. Services included:

Systematic Analysis

Our experts systematically collect all relevant data on current market structures, market players (competitors, customers) and your website and compress them into a valuable analysis. The result is a comprehensive analysis and specific recommendations for action.

Expert Advice

In a second step we advise you personally and show you the right measures for a sustainable top 10 ranking in the search engines. We advise you either in our web agency on site, by phone or via Skype.

Keyword Optimization

Based on our personal conversation and the data collected we will present to you the right keyword strategy and thus lay the foundation for a successful SEO strategy. Included in the package is the optimization for the 3 major keyword combinations.

Specific SEO measures catalog

You will then receive a step-by-step guide that shows you how to get the content of your website to a profitable form. Another valuable guide is the backlink strategy that shows with which websites you should link your Web.

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

In order to guarantee the long-term view of your market and corporate events of the World Wide Web, we integrate market-leading data collection Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to your site.

Money Back Guarantee

As a Web and SEO agency with more than 15 years of experience we can give you the exclusive guarantee: if your site does not appear within the top 10, you will get your money back*.

* Guarantee: your site (main or sub) will appear within a maximum of 8 months in the first 10 search results with at least 1 of the 3 keyword combinations.

„"Thanks to SearchEnginesTop10 I have gained a top 5 placement with my company at Google™, even ahead of one of the largest perfumery chains in Germany - and this for years."”
Andreas Florig
Owner Florig Cosmetics, Griesheim (Darmstadt)

What can you gain from an effective SEO?

Top10 placement in search engines

Searchers will find you at the right moment: namely when a particular product or service is sought through a search engine.

Lower Bounce Rate and
Longer Stays

A long stay and a low bounce rate mean that the users find readable content on your page. This gives Google™ an indication that your site is relevant and deserves a good ranking.

Your Company is perceived

No successful company can establish itself without a strong image. Especially in the information overload of the Internet you should stand out with your website and brand a name for yourself.

Increase in Sales and More Profit

New customers mean more sales. Regionally, nationally and internationally. Your company is not bound by any limits.

Optimal Return of Invest

The SEO offering by SearchEnginesTop10 is measurable, guarantees a top 10 placement and offers unbeatable value for money (no subscriptions or recurring costs).

Low Spreading Loss

You will appear with your products and services only where want to: national or international or even regional.

Answers to frequently asked questions about SEO

The services include: evaluation of the optimal search terms (max 3 keyword combinations), optimization of the page text and the source code*, manual registration in the most popular search engines, incorporation of a free Google Analytics / Webmaster account and our exclusive money-back guarantee.

* FTP access to the sides is required or collaboration of your webmaster

Our experts optimize your website either for Google, Bing or Yahoo.
Yes. You can for example, optimize a website for or
Our experience shows that on average it takes between 6 - 12 weeks until your site appears in the search results. Depending on the keyword and audience of this number, however, varies. Ask us, we will advise you.
You have the choice: either in person at our office on site, by phone or via Skype.
easyclick® - SEO made in Switzerland: as qualified web publishers, we have been serving thousands of customers in US, Germany and all over Europe since 1999. We have been awarded the Internet Agency Award from Germany for our all-inclusive deals. Learn more about us and visit our agency in Switzerland.
No. The price of CHF 995.00 includes all listed services. You pay nothing further.
There is none. Anyway, we have not one yet ourselves. Our experts have more than 15 years of experience and have launched thousands of successful projects on the World Wide Web. This also allows us to offer you the exclusive money-back guarantee.

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